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Polygraph Examiners of America

PolygraphNow.com - The Internet Polygraph Directory

The Internet's most comprehensive directory of websites for contacting thousands of lie-detection experts, searchable nationwide and by all states individually.
Fully available to the public, from $145 and up!

Internet searches only reveal what the advertisers want you to know. Paying $$$ to some referral services typically only gets you a call from their one examiner in your area—leaving you NO CHOICE as to another examiner and no refund if you aren’t comfortable with THEIR choice, often at incredibly overpriced rates. And some 'polygraph examiners for hire' sites allow anyone with a credit card to pay to be listed, with absolutely NO verification as to what their advertisers are claiming. Some allow their paid advertisers to list known FAKE addresses actually to MOTELS, to fool you into believing they have a location near you. Worse, many examiners 'certified' by some polygraph groups actually have no applicable experience! Ouch- some examiners have been publicly exposed as frauds for using phony 'Dr.' and 'PhD' titles!

Protect yourself: Do NOT ever pay a fee or a deposit to 'be assigned' to an examiner, and Google an address listed on an examiner's ad before you call them.

We don't let you fall victim to hiring persons advertising they are a  'Member of XXXXX Polygraph Association' ; persons with ZERO experience can join most organizations the day they finish their initial polygraph training: their inexperienced work, not conducted per profession standards, then can -and does- sadly destroy cases and relationships. We fully pre-screen all persons before they can receive a listing here. English, Spanish, Korean, and Farsi exams are available, as well as many other languages. Obtain FREE referrals to qualified examiners nationwide!

Those listed here have already provided us with copies of any/all required & related documents:  certifications - basic training – special training - licensing – insurance – chart & report samples – instrument ownership & proficiency - and more. Male and female polygraph examiners are available for most languages and cultures, and for all types of examinations. With thousands of polygraph examiners nationwide, search here to find those who are correct for your specific needs -- no deposit required!

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